Vegan Resources


Learn more about veganism by exploring the resources below. Below, you can find vegan resources, including books, organizations, documentaries, and podcasts on the following topics:

  • Animal rights: Learn about how animals suffer when treated are treated as commodities. Find resources that discuss whether or not using animals is ethical. 

  • EnvironmentUnderstand the impact of eating animals on the planet, how fishing contributes to plastic pollution, why grass-fed beef is not a solution, and more.

  • Health:  Find resources from nutrition experts on the dangers of consuming animal products, how to make healthy food choices, and more.

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Animal Rights Resources

Learn more about veganism and the fight for animal rights. Find resources that detail the lives of animals, the case for veganism, and how to become an activist.


Environmental Resources

Learn more about how consuming animal products negatively impacts the environment and the postive impacts of a plant-based diet.





Health Resources

Learn more about the health issues that can arise from eating animal-based foods and how you can thrive on a plant-based diet.

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