John Oliver announces the new face of Earth Day

April 20, 2015



On his show Last Night Tonight, hilarious host John Oliver reminds viewers of upcoming Earth Day and reveals a new face for the holiday. Earth day is April 22, and according to Oliver the public has become immune to classic, shocking climate change images, such as a polar bear clinging to melting sea ice, and needs a new image to regain interest in climate issues. Following a news piece on polar bears, who as at an increased risk of species extinction as a result of weak penile bones and risk of fractures, Oliver announces that Marshmallow the polar bear with a broken penis will serve as the new face of Earth Day. He claims this image will get at least half of the population seriously thinking about the issues surrounding climate change. 



We can all get active and make changes in our everyday lives that will significantly benefit the earth. Although you may not know it because most of the major environmentalist groups fail to acknowledge the damaging effects of animal agriculture for political reasons, eating a plant-based diet is the most effective way to take action against climate change. 



Learn more about how animal agriculture is destroying the environment.


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