What is No Animal Ingredients all about?

April 8, 2015



My name is Julia Morrissey and I am the woman behind No Animal Ingredients! My passion has always been for animals. When I was five years old I was crushed to learn that the turkey at our thanksgiving dinner was a turkey who had been killed for us to eat. From that point on I never ate meat again. Luckily my parents supported my decision, although they did not choose to follow suit at that time.


Today I am of course vegan, and I do not buy any products that contain animal ingredients or support any industry that exploits animals! Essentially I eat a plant-based diet (no meat, dairy or eggs), do not wear animal skins (leather, fur, wool), buy products that have not been tested on animals , and refuse to support animal use for entertainment (seaworld, zoos, circuses, rodeos).


My goal with No Animal Ingredients is to help people realize how animals are being used in society and how their choices impact animal suffering. I want to create a community that informs people about these issues and utilizes a seamless network of existing tools to help people go and stay vegan.


There are many global issues that we as individuals have no control over, but we can each make the choice to not be a part of a system that tortures, kills and harms others.



Interested in contributing a blog post? I am looking to feature new vegan products or businesses, personal stories, news, ect!  Contact:


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