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Animals Raised for Food

In the United States, 99% of animals raised for food are raised on factory farms. A factory farm, also known as a “concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO),” is generally an indoor industrial facility that raise a large numbers of animals in conditions intended to maximize production and profits.

Factory farms often commit violent and abusive acts against animals that would be considered illegal if done to a cat or dog. Unfortunately, farmed animals do not receive adequate protection under the law and can be intensively confined, mutilated, and bred to grow extremely quickly or produce abnormally large amounts of milk or eggs, resulting in a number of health issues.


Because of the large number of animals that are involved – about 10 billion animals are killed for food in U.S. alone, and the horrific acts committed against them in these places, factory farms are easily the greatest source of cruelty to animals.

However, it's important to note that even animals on small family farms often are abused and are always eventually brutally slaughtered. 


Learn more about animals raised for food below.

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